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Linda Frimer

Professional Canadian Painter, Vancouver, B.C.

Linda Dayan Frimer was born in the gold mining town of Wells, British Columbia. She is the descendent of Jewish Canadian pioneers who, at the turn of the century, fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe to follow the developing railway West. Throughout their wilderness journey, Frimer’s ancestors’ cultural memories imbued their lives with meaning. Her art expresses this journey. The cycles, seasons, and moods of the powerful wilderness – in relation to her compassion for her ancient peoples’ stories of persecution and survival – are her source of creative inspiration.

Central themes in Linda Dayan Frimer’s watercolour, oil, acrylic and mixed media work reveal the intensity of her bond with nature and her cultural heritage. She has been intimately involved in Jewish and Canadian cultural-artistic pursuits in creating commemorative, educational and artistic works. Her work is situated in the public domain through workshops, presentations, exhibitions and special projects.

Linda Dayan Frimer strives to build bridges between environmental, health, ethnic, and women’s movements, and continuously works with them in support of wilderness preservation and the healing of cultural oppression. Her painting seeks the preservation of memory and artistic hope for the future.


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