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Danuta Rogula

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Some of the paintings shown may no longer be available as originals, however, these are only a small selection of artworks by Danuta Rogula; other works may be available. Additionally, many of our Artists make their artwork available as Giclée (archival pigment ink) prints in a variety of sizes on canvas or other media. Some of our Artists will do commissions which can be designed and customized to your needs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Danuta Rogula

I was born in Poland. My mother, who was a practical person, sent me to the Technical High School of Architecture. She always kept saying, "Do not try to be an artist, if you don't want to starve". I almost listened to her, when I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in 1983 with a degree in interior design. However when my two daughters were born in 1983 and 1988, I stayed at home to care for them and started painting oils. I immigrated to Canada in 1991 and continued painting. For a while I worked as a background painter for animated films for children, and adults.(Gary Larson's "Tales from the Far Side 2"). Recently, with my older daughter at university and my younger in high school, I have more time so I became a full time artist (forgive me, mother). Some of my compositions are created in PhotoShop. I enjoy the immense freedom to change and enhance my images in unlimited ways before committing to any particular one. I enjoy exploring different mediums and styles. It is stimulating to switch back and forth between a variety of tools, sizes and motifs. One day it may be an impressionistic image of the forest, done with a palette kinfe. Another day it may be a realistic portait of a pet, done with a small brush, or a large metaphysical vision out of this world painted with a big roller. Residing in British Columbia gives me ample access to the most inspirational landscape settings. From the beaches and the rainforest of Vancouver Island, through meadows of the Fraser Valley to dramatic Rocky Mountains, these are majestic vistas that stimulate the soul and imagination. I am particularly attracted to the drama of these scenes with a lot of sunshine. When I experience a scene in nature that has really touched me, the atmosphere, the beauty of light or just the tranquility, I want to share that with others through my painting. I am constantly learning, growing and trying new things. I think an artist should always be willing to take chances, otherwise their work will become stagnant.

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