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Paul Eekhoff

Morpho developed from a fascination with entomological specimens and the sublime beauty, efficiency of design, form, and function of the myriad variety of creatures within the insect kingdom.

Influenced by the work of John James Audobon and early botanical artists such as Pierre-Joseph Redouté and Carl Linnaeus, Morpho relies on a simplicity of representation and democratization of the visual field afforded by the white canvas as surface for each specimen. This formal and determined simplicity allows for a thorough study of each insect as both object of scientific study and naturally occurring sculptural form. Both front and back of the specimen are intended to be viewed in tandem.

By stripping away artifice and artistic ambitions, Morpho's Pictorialist motivations become invisible, allowing the viewer to consider the ambiguous treatment of the medium while providing time to thoroughly consider the subject as printed object.

The resulting studies subsume the role of medium specificity while acquiring the aesthetic of highly detailed illustrative studies intended to be viewed as diptychs in a manner akin to the entomologist's specimen cabinet.

Prints are available in 4 sizes with 2 framing options and priced accordingly:

Sized 30 x 40 inches, (editions of 10), $1,900.00 mounted on dibond with hanging channel, or $4,000.00 framed with UV plexiglass.

Sized 20 x 25 inches, (editions of 15), $600.00 mounted on dibond with hanging channel, $1,650.00 framed with UV plexiglass.
Note: These are double images showing both the top and bottom of the specimen. Usually restricted to the beetles but also determined by the artist depending on the specimen.

Sized 16 x 20 inches, (editions of 20), $500.00 mounted on dibond with hanging channel, $1,400.00 framed with UV plexiglass.

Sized 11 x 14 inches, (editions of 50), $195.00 mounted with 16 x 20 window matt with 8 ply board attached to archival foam board.

Production notes:

Although MORPHO is fundamentally a lens-based project, I prefer to classify the completed entomological studies as "renderings" as they no longer aspire to conventional representations of photography. The resulting images - that rely on the printed object as a manifestation of process - employ an ambiguity that renders the specimen laminated between an illustrative and photographic effect. This purposeful outcome allows the viewer to contemplate the sublime beauty of each specimen without becoming preoccupied with process and material.

I have developed a close collaboration with an entomologist who sets each specimen in a manner that embellishes the unique characteristics of each insect.

The renderings are comprised of numerous plates which are later assembled to create the final specimen. Most final images require one week to produce and generate test prints for colour, tonality, texture, and detail.

The beetles and selected insects are intended to be viewed as diptychs showing both the top and bottom details of each insect.

~ Paul Eekhoff


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The images shown are a representative selection of the style of photographer Paul Eekhoff - we may have other artworks available. Some may be available only in specific sizes while others may be customized to your needs. We can also mount and frame them with a variety of materials. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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