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Our Artists

Justin Beckett

Justin Beckett is a professional Canadian Painter and was born in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in 1986. He is a self taught artist, having always drawn from a very young age and continuing to teach himself through any means necessary. Studying from books, other artists work,  ... (more) »

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Barrie Chadwick

Barrie Chadwick, SFCA, MAIBC, is an artist in a dual love affair - with two countries - Australia and Canada. Born and raised on the east coast of Australia, he now lives and works in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. Working mostly in acrylics, and occasionally in  ... (more) »

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Chris Collacott

Chris Collacott, is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape images. He specializes in large-scale panoramic photos, which are created by merging a collection of shots of a chosen subject,  ... (more) »

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Kent Crawford

Kent Crawford was born in 1956 in British Columbia. After a youth spent in Vancouver and at Long Beach on Vancouver Island, he studied fine art at the University of California at Irvine and industrial design at Western Washington University. For the last twenty years,  ... (more) »

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Paul Eekhoff

Morpho developed from a fascination with entomological specimens and the sublime beauty, efficiency of design, form, and function of the myriad variety of creatures within the insect kingdom.

 ... (more) »

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Vicki English

Vicki paints images that speak to the power and majesty of the west coast. Her choice of subjects reflects the environment she has interacted with all her life.

 ... (more) »

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Carol Evans

Many of Carol Evans watercolours portray British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest on the beautiful and rugged pacific shores on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Her ability to create intensity of colour in the watercolour medium and her attention to the subtleties of  ... (more) »

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Michael Fitzsimmons

Michael Fitzsimmons is a Canadian Artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was born in Edmonton Alberta and grew up in North Vancouver. His studies include Capilano College, Alberta College of Art and Emily Carr College of Art where he graduated and was the  ... (more) »

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Linda Frimer

Linda Dayan Frimer was born in the gold mining town of Wells, British Columbia. She is the descendent of Jewish Canadian pioneers who, at the turn of the century, fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe to follow the developing railway West. Throughout their wilderness  ... (more) »

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Lori Goldberg

Lori Goldberg is a Vancouver artist whose paintings have been exhibited in Canada and in Europe. Collectors of her work include the Canada Art Bank, The City of Vancouver Art Collection and the Interstate Bank, San Francisco.

 ... (more) »

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Bob Huxtable

I have lived in this wonderful playground they call British Columbia for the past twenty years. Eight years were spent in Whistler, BC where I started my golf photography business. This grew into a very successful venture that found me travelling all over North America  ... (more) »

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Carol Lopez

Carol Lopez is a Canadian painter based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was born in Saskatchewan and has lived in other parts of Canada and in the West Indies. She has also traveled extensively, and these experiences are reflected in the wide range of her oil,  ... (more) »

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Doris MacDougall

Doris MacDougall is Canadian Artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was born in Vancouver and raised in North Vancouver. She studied Fine Art as well as Clay and Fibre at Capilano College graduating in 1981. She is active in the Vancouver and North Vancouver  ... (more) »

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Michael Mancuso

A seawall beckons with the familiar. Yet a point-of-view you've never seen before. See the city come to life in richness and tone. The magic of the West Coast - through the prismatic touch of Michael Mancuso. Mancuso, of Italian heritage, was raised in Northern Ontario  ... (more) »

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Danuta Rogula

I was born in Poland. My mother, who was a practical person, sent me to the Technical High School of Architecture. She always kept saying, "Do not try to be an artist, if you don't want to starve". I almost listened to her, when I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts  ... (more) »

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Various Artists Sculpture

We offer a variety of sculptures by artists such as Boris Kramer, George Pratt, Inuit Artists and more. These sculptures make a wonderful addition to your work or home environment as well as great gifts. From traditional soapstone, to abstract marble, whatever the theme  ... (more) »

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David Sloan

All of the sites of my work are located in East Vancouver, where my wife and I live and go for walks. East Van is old enough to have layers of buildings from many decades, sufficiently overlooked to have created sites that seem to have their own secret life.

 ... (more) »

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Richard Tetrault

The contemporary urban landscape is where we live. The truss, the trestle, the expansive of steel and concrete. Richard Tetrault; painter, printmaker and muralist is inspired by the pulse of our immediate landscape. A Vancouver based artist, Tetrault has studied in both  ... (more) »

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Marion Webber

I am a painter with a photographic eye. Photography "captures" the moment and removes elements to create an image. Painting is an additive process of building elements to communicate a message. This conceptual blend is the foundation of my art. I paint mostly landscapes;  ... (more) »

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